You can set up items you would like to automatically populate in your cart on a weekly basis. Once you add items, we will send a notification letting you know your cart is populated.

In order to receive delivery of any of these items, you still need to checkout and proceed with placing your order.  

To set up weekly items—

Look for the Get your weekly items prompt on the Home screen or in Reorder.

You can also set up weekly items in your cart by tapping Select items.

After tapping Select items, you will see the items and store(s) from which you usually order.

Here, you can select which items you want added to your weekly orders cart. Then tap Next.

You can then pick the day and time you want your cart ready each week. You can also change this schedule later, if needed. Then tap Finish setup.

A message confirms your weekly orders cart is set up. From here, you can either continue shopping or manage your weekly items.

To manage your weekly items—

Tap Manage weekly items on the setup confirmation page OR in Your items, tap Weekly to view weekly orders cart items. You can add items by tapping + next to the specific item. You can also tap Change settings to adjust when your cart fills.

To adjust delivery date and time, tap the gray down arrow next to the current listed timeframe.

You can select the day of the week and the time you prefer your cart filled for delivery each week. You can pause or reactivate your weekly items cart at any time by switching the Weekly items are on toggle from green to gray.

If you would like to add more weekly items—

From the Storefront, tap the + icon next to the specific item.

Add the quantity and tap the toggle next to Weekly from gray to green to add this item to your weekly items cart.

You will receive an email reminding you to complete your upcoming weekly items cart by checking out. You will also receive a notification the day before and the day of your scheduled delivery reminding you to check out.

At checkout, you can update and remove items, or even add 1-time items to your cart in addition to the weekly items before checking out.